The birth of endless possibilities

Each week, a group of family and friends meet at my friends’ Dashaun and Shino’s home to work on establishing our aloe businesses. Yesterday’s meeting was very interesting! I initially thought that we would just discuss Forever Living but instead, Dashaun and Shino surprised us with a treat! Some of us assume that we are the age that we actually are but diet and lifestyle can take a toll on our bodies that we may not even be aware of. How many of you would like to find out how old you really are?

Well, we certainly found out our true ages last night. Shino and Dashaun own a fascinating scale that measures your true age simply by calculating your body fat, bone mass, muscle weight and metabolism. I am 26 and I was curious to see how old I really am. Each of us shared our height and weight as we stood nervously on the scale. Some of us were relieved that we were actually younger than we are in “earth years”. I found out that I am 18 years old. Some of the other attendees were as much as half of their age while others were actually much older.

Now you may be wondering, “What the hell does this have to do with starting a business with Forever living?” Everything that we did actually plays a major role in getting us motivated. The purpose of this exercise was not only to become more aware of our bodies so that we can make improvements and gain better health, but also, to see how drinking aloe vera daily will affect our ages in the upcoming months. It will be interesting to see how many years are peeled away as we begin to make aloe a part of our daily routine.

After our revealing results, we all shared what our future goals would be if we had the money and financial freedom that we desired. Some of us plan to buy brownstones and establish businesses. Others would like to travel and put aside money for their children. Dashaun explained that by setting these goals for ourselves, no matter how outlandish they may be, we are in fact putting our thoughts out there by writing them down and sharing them. We may actually be surprised to see that we actually accomplish these goals in the next few years–goals that we originally thought were impossible. Hmmm.. I wouldn’t mind seeing my goal of generating $2 million in assets and $5 million in income come true!

We wrapped up the meeting with Shino’s wonderful cooking. I’m going to be honest with you, my stomach was rumbling throughout the goal listing session and I thought that I may write that eating a scrumptious meal prepared by Shino would be one of my immediate goals. The sound of chopping and the smell of the food made my mouth water even more in anticipation. The menu? Vegetable tempura, fried rice, quinoa and REAL miso soup. It broke my heart that I couldn’t partake in the tempura (I am gluten-free for the month of February) and I could imagine that it was life changing but I certainly had my fill with 3 bowls of miso soup and the oh so good fried rice and quinoa! Thanks again for a great meeting and dinner!


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